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Sterling Caviar Prepares For Boston Seafood Show As the Spotlight on Sustainability Grows

The 2019 Seafood Expo North America will take place Sunday, March 17 to Tuesday, March 19 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Sterling Caviar and Stolt Sea Farm, S.A., will be in attendance at the show exhibiting under booth number 3048. Buyers are encouraged to schedule daily meetings to secure and purchase their desired products, especially caviar and related farmed California White Sturgeon meat. Sterling will secure its customer base and their Original Tin allotments for the upcoming harvests. With the imported caviar market on the rise and an increase in Chinese farmed varietal options, Sterling sets itself apart as the true pioneer of the farmed California White Sturgeon caviar industry, specifically with a species of known for its excellence in taste, consistency, sustainability, and quality. Even more importantly Sterling encourages American’s to reduce their carbon footprint by ordering farm to table fresh products, overnight not overseas.

Consistently recognized for its excellence in farming practices and long-term protection of the species a large following of celebrity and Michelin chefs have remained loyal to the farm. Sterling’s caviar is exclusively produced from white sturgeon (Acipenser Transmontanus) – a species native to North America’s west coast. From hatching to maturity, its sturgeon are farm-raised entirely in controlled environments by a committed staff of fish biologists and specialists. In 2018 they offered four premium grades of caviar: Classic, Royal, Supreme, and the rarest of the harvest, Imperial. What is to come in 2019 will be fascinating to learn in Boston.

  • Classic: Small (2.7mm) to Medium (2.9mm)

A true “classic” in every sense of the word, Sterling Classic grade white sturgeon caviar is distinguished by its small to medium, semi-firm to substantial eggs. Unique coloring ranges from onyx to light or dark black. On the palate, a pretty sea tone, and umami flavor.

  • Royal: Medium to Large (2.9mm+)

Also known as “Black Gold,” Sterling Royal grade white sturgeon caviar is identified by its medium to large, semi-firm to firm eggs. Unique coloring ranges from onyx to light or dark brown. A smooth refresh is preceded by a rich, nutty flavor and aromas of mildly sweet, salty sea air. Due to its consistent taste and texture, this is an all-time favorite of newbies and connoisseurs alike.

  • Supreme: Large (3.0mm+) A favorite among the finest chefs and connoisseurs alike, Sterling Supreme grade white sturgeon caviar is characterized by large, firm to very firm eggs. Unique coloring ranges from onyx to light or dark brown. A complex combination of toasted hazelnuts and briny zest gives way to a velvety finish.

American caviar repackers, distributors, retailers, wholesalers, chefs, and direct consumers deserve to know where their caviar is coming from and what species. Millennials in particular not only want a focus on sustainable, but also environmental support in their food sourcing. Sterling fits this description with their farm to fork overnight practices and their use of only a light salt toss finish.

Recently, they were awarded a Good Food Award for their caviar in San Francisco. Carlo Petrini a presenter at the awards, founder of Slow Food, sums it up perfectly, “If food was no longer obliged to make intercontinental journeys, but stayed part of a system in which it can be consumed over short distances, we would save a lot of energy and carbon dioxide emissions. And just think of what we would save in ecological terms without long-distance transportation, refrigeration, and packaging–which ends up on the garbage dump anyway–and storage, which steals time, space, and vast portions of nature and beauty.”

Having a reputation as a pioneer in caviar farming also comes with it open conversations and questions, particularly during global trade disputes and uncertainties, in regards to the future of the industry. Sterling, looks forward to this in Boston.