Questions About Our Caviar

What does your caviar taste like?

Sterling White Sturgeon caviar is best known for its buttery creaminess, light nutty flavor, and hints of crisp seawater.

How is your caviar graded and what is the difference between your grades?

We currently offer five gades of white sturgeon caviar. Our caviar is graded by egg size and texture, and – in the case of our Imperial grade only – by color.

Our grades vary by the following characteristics:

Classic. Umami and oceanic flavors. Small to medium, semi-firm to very firm eggs. Unique coloring ranges from onyx to light or dark brown.

Royal. Fatty, buttery, and creamy flavor profile. Medium to large, semi-firm to firm eggs. Coloring ranges from onyx to light or dark brown.

Supreme. A complex combination of hazelnuts and earthy tones gives way to a velvety finish. Large, firm to very firm eggs. Coloring ranges from onyx to light or dark brown.

Two Color. Hints of vegetal notes, minerality, with creamy undertones. Large, firm to very firm eggs. Brownish green coloring.

Imperial. Robust nuttiness that melts away into a smooth, buttery finish. Large, semi-firm to very firm eggs. Golden coloring.

Does your caviar contain hormones, artificial additives, or artificial preservatives?

No. Our caviar is a pure caviar, containing no hormones, artificial additives, or artificial preservatives. Our caviar consists of white sturgeon roe and a very minimal amount of dry salt which acts as a natural preservative.

What size caviar tin should I order?

The amount of caviar you order will depend on your specific needs.

In general, we recommend the following serving size* per tin:

30g (1.06oz): 12 spoonfuls or 1-2 people served

50g (1.77oz): 20 spoonfuls or 2-4 people served

125g (4.41oz): 25-30 spoonfuls or 4-8 people served

250g (8.82oz): 50-60 spoonfuls or 8-16 people served

500g (17.64oz): 100-120 spoonfuls or 17-34 people served

1,000g (35oz): 200-240 spoonfuls or 35-70 people served

*Our recommended serving size has been based on 1/2 teaspoon spoonful per person or 1/2 to 1 ounce serving per person. 

How do I open my tin of caviar?

Grasp tin opener on the larger, oval side between thumb and index finger. Insert smaller, non-oval side of tin opener into space where lid and bottom of the tin meet. Pressing the opener against the tin and moving along the diameter, twist opener back and forth to separate the lid from the bottom of the tin until you hear a “pop.” Lift the lid and enjoy!

What is the best way to store my caviar?

Caviar is extremely delicate and, as such, is highly perishable. Caviar should be stored in the coldest part of your refrigerator (32° F-35° F / 0° C-1.67° C). Depending on the style of your refrigerator, this is typically in the back and may be on the top or bottom shelf but never in the door. Pro tip: Look for the vent – the spot where the coldest air is being forced into your refrigerator. Never freeze your caviar.

How long will my caviar last?

Caviar is extremely delicate and, as such, is best consumed within 24 hours and up to 48 hours of opening.
Unopened and properly refrigerated, your caviar will last up to 3 weeks.

Am I able to purchase your caviar for resale?

Yes – providing that you are a chef, restaurant, retailer, wholesaler, or other similar and you meet our qualifying criteria including a credit reference. To begin the process, please contact or visit our wholesale page.