White Sturgeon

Farm-Raised California White Sturgeon

Home to the sustainably-farmed indigenous and thriving wild population of white sturgeon. February marks the beginning of Female white sturgeon season and the end of the male season. Sturgeon is a semi-firm fish with a clean flavor and light color and sold whole gutted or as a bullet. Place your wholesale orders with sales@sterlingcaviar.com.

Acipenser transmontanus

At Sterling Caviar we are world leaders in the production of sustainable caviar. A fully domesticated population of world-class farmed White Sturgeon for over 20 years. We love our fish and our customers. 

The farmed White Sturgeon is raised in exceedingly pure water. Using an ozonation process that reduces organic pollutants we ensure the fish begins its life and is raised in optimal conditions. Dissolved ozone is highly effective for nitrite reduction and algae control. We are therefore committed to promoting a very healthy habitat for the fish and its roe. Biologists feed a proportionate balance of both land and sea-based ingredients to the fish and, therefore, we generate a more sustainable food supply for wild fish and oceans. We share recycled water for different eco-friendly purposes such as creating artificial wetlands. All caviar is not alike. Our sturgeon stand out as leaders of optimal production for instance.

Of the 27 wild sturgeon species, only the White Sturgeon and the Lake Sturgeon are considered stable populations and the others listed as endangered, critically endangered or near extinction.  By supplying live farmed fish, eggs and tissue samples to biologists at UC Davis, there is a goal to aid research to increase the wild sturgeon population even further.

Above all, the way we raise our sturgeon translates directly to your caviar. We treat our fish with love, and our customers can see, taste, and experience the difference. When you seek to purchase seafood it’s important to know your farmer. We look to maintain and develop our longstanding relationship with caviar consumers all over by education on sustainable sturgeon farming. Sterling, after all, was the pioneer of the industry. We are all team-oriented to maintaining this level of care for our fish which ultimately affects the quality of our customer’s caviar.