Royal Caviar

Rich, Nutty, & Savory.


Also known as “Black Gold,” Sterling Royal grade white sturgeon caviar is identified by its medium to large, semi-firm to firm eggs. Unique coloring ranges from onyx to light or dark brown. A creamy mouthfeel is preceded by a rich, full and buttery flavor with aromas of mildly sweet, salty sea air. Due to its consistent taste and texture, this is an all-time favorite of newbies and connoisseurs alike.

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Please note: As each sturgeon is unique, so is the caviar they produce. As such, it is normal to experience variations in color within each grade. With regards to coloring, caviar pictured here is a good representation but is not necessarily indicative of all caviar within this grade. 


Acipenser Transmontanus (White Sturgeon)


White Sturgeon Roe, Salt

Pearl Size

Medium to Large (2.9mm+)


Semi-Firm to Firm

Shelf Life

Best consumed within 24 hours of opening. Unopened and refrigerated, 2-3 weeks.


Gold lacquer lined tin can





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