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Covid-19: From Our Farm – WE ARE WITH YOU.

MARCH 31, 2020

Dear Friends,

We truly hope this note finds you, your families, and your staff safe and well. These are undoubtedly challenging times for all of us, as well as the hospitality industry which is suffering significantly. We, at Sterling Caviar, know how interconnected we are with restaurants who play an intrinsic role in our communities and feature the hard work of our farmers including our fish farmers, processors, packers, distributors, and delivery people.

We have been drawing strength and inspiration from groups forming to unite the industry’s voice to help support the survival of small businesses and protect the food industry like the Independent Restaurant Coalition, National Restaurant Association, ROAR (Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants), and many other statewide groups. We are pleased to share some of the links below.

During this time, at Sterling we are working on our fish and caviar harvest and trying to keep up with what we can to nurture our staff, farms and fish. Our team is taking every precaution to be safe and healthy. In addition to our established seafood HAACP and food safety procedures, we are also following the CDC and FDA guidance regarding food and associate health with respect to Covid-19.

We’d love to include you on our social platforms, recipe shares are welcome and feature your stories and initiatives in the text. We care about you and your business.
Please e-mail to be included.

From our farms here in California to you, we are connected and in this together. It is only by the strength of our community that we can get through this situation together. We look forward to working with you as a community to be ready when the hospitality industry rebounds, and when we can all get back to the business of sharing great meals.



Our team at Sterling Caviar