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An interview with Fisheries Technician Anita Bunter

Anita Bunter
Fisheries Technician
30 years with Sterling Caviar – Since 1990

March 8, 2020  |  National Women’s Day

Question: How did you get started working in aquaculture?

Working with fish has been my dream since I was 10 years old when Jacques Cousteau announced the world’s oceans and fish were in trouble.

With the wild sturgeon population declining, I studied Animal Science Aquaculture at UC Davis with Dr. Serge Doroshov, also known as “the father of sturgeon aquaculture in the US”. I also worked on sturgeon nutrition research projects with Dr. Silas Hung, a pioneer in sturgeon nutrition.

Question: What has your experience been like at Sterling Caviar?

Answer: It’s been truly exciting to be working at Sterling since 1990, as we developed new farming and water reuse techniques to successfully farm sturgeon and create great caviar, as well as reduce pressure on the wild sturgeon stocks.

In many ways, farming sturgeon is like being a Hollywood movie star’s assistant: you’re constantly anticipating what they’ll want next and getting ready to provide it.

In my spare time, I’m a volunteer trapper for the local animal shelter, and volunteer with the local Community Emergency Response Team. I also love doing 5k fun runs and am addicted to newspapers and vegetable gardening.