How to serve caviar?

Caviar is not as serious as one may think. While historically it was for the Tsar’s, it was once also used in place of pretzels on the bar. It then progressed to be served only in Michelin or top Zagat rated restaurants. In current day, its price is attainable for use in more casual settings and we are seeing an uptick in younger generations using it to get creative on home menus for their guests. (Read into… A little goes a long way)

Traditionalists eat caviar with varying accoutrements served in a bowl or caviar server with chopped eggs, capers, onions and a few other toppings with blini or toast points. 

Modernists put caviar on oysters, unsalted potato chips, tater tots. red bliss potato slices, in dips, on crab rolls, lobster rolls, on their hands doing caviar shots (“bumps” as it is more widely known).