Experience Caviar

What does caviar taste like?

Historically referred to as “Black Caviar” in Russia and other Eastern European countries who enjoyed caviar regularly just like the Tsars, caviar is actually not always black. True caviar comes from any one of 7 sturgeon types, Sterling Caviar raises 1 type exclusively, California farmed White Sturgeon. While tasting caviar, consider, each sturgeon type has different facets in flavor that is affected by feed, water, the type […]

How to serve caviar?

Caviar is not as serious as one may think. While historically it was for the Tsar’s, it was once also used in place of pretzels on the bar. It then progressed to be served only in Michelin or top Zagat rated restaurants. In current day, its price is attainable for use in more casual settings […]

How to eat/taste caviar?

Put a dollop on the top of your hand and put it in your mouth, roll it on the roof of your mouth (experts/sommeliers do this when wine tasting). This is a pure way to get all of its flavors.

How to pair caviar?

Be as creative as you would like, essentially, anything that is in need of salt is a good first parameter, do not salt the dish as salt is our Caviar’s only preservative. We have even had chocolate and caviar which was delicious.