Our Mission

Our mission is to produce the finest sustainable California farmed white sturgeon and caviar roe in an environmentally responsible manner that respects the species, the environment, our communities, staff, and customers. We want our chefs to have a product that supports the current culture of transparency that consumers demand, and would be delighted to support you as a partner. We contribute to research to grow the wild population of California’s sturgeon- they are one of only two populations globally, listed as “of least concern”.

Transparency in labeling is a top priority for us, and year-round supply keeps menus and retail consistent. The conversation on sustainability in food continues to grow, so this sturgeon is a perfect offering for those concerned. As supply on comparable fish is uncertain, sturgeon is a valued offering as it can be used in a variety of recipes and plating methods.

Sterling Caviar has a very strong reputation and support in the culinary community. We seek to offer education, marketing, and quality products.