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Possessing the same creamy, buttery flavors and firm texture of Sterling Imperial, our Supreme Caviar comes in shades of dark amber to vibrant green with medium to large eggs. A truly amazing caviar, Sterling Supreme will be sure to impress the finest chefs and connoisseurs alike.

NOTE: Sterling Caviar ships only to the United States and the U.S. Territories.

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What is the difference between the grades?
At Sterling Caviar we differentiate our caviar with three grades: Imperial, Royal, and Classic. The differences between the grades are established by our processing and quality experts based on the size and color of the caviar bead. All of our caviars undergo the same exquisite and meticulous processing to ensure superior quality.
How long will caviar stay fresh?
Caviar should be refrigerated until served, stored preferably in the coolest part of your refrigerator. If it is kept unopened, its quality is maintained for up to four weeks. Once opened, caviar should be consumed immediately.
What is considered a serving of caviar?
This greatly depends on a person's taste and how it is being served. Enjoyed by the spoonful or atop a blini or toast point, 30 grams might be suitable for one serving. If used as a garnish, a 30- gram jar could be good for 2-3 servings.
How should caviar be served?
Keep it cold and limit its exposure to air. Caviar should be carefully spooned on plain toast points or blinis, perhaps with a little crème fraîche, to keep the focus on the caviar. Accompaniments like finely chopped onion, chives, and hard-boiled egg are commonly seen, but each detracts from the flavor of fine caviar. Avoid using metal spoons, which alter the taste of the caviar; mother of pearl spoons are highly recommended.
Storage / How long will it last?
We recommend keeping the caviar on ice in the refrigerator, unopened. Caviar under these conditions will last 4-6 weeks. Once opened, it should be finished within an hour or so.
How is Sterling Caviar preserved? What about BORAX? What is Malossol?
Sterling only uses salt and an air-tight container, which is then kept cold. There is never any other additive—no Borax. Beware of European product, where this preservative is still legal. Malossol refers to the low-salt method of preservation that Sterling Caviar employs, keeping the caviar's flavor front and foremost. It is a low-tech, yet elegant hand-crafted practice perfected over the last hundred years.

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