Experience Caviar

Experience Caviar

What is caviar?

Caviar is the eggs (roe) of the sturgeon and no other fish. Although other fish roe can be seen called caviar but must always have the specie in front of the word caviar such as “Salmon Caviar”, only sturgeon roe is technically caviar.

Farmed vs. wild?

Being wild caviar trade illegal, the handling and processing of wild product cannot be accounted for under such black market circumstances. Sterling’s farmed sturgeon, however, is sustainably produced using facilities that are regularly inspected and maintained at the most stringent levels. Discriminating chefs around the world prefer Sterling’s farm-raised product and attest to its culinary and ecological advantages.

How should caviar be served?

Keep it cold and limit its exposure to air. Caviar should be carefully spooned on plain toast points or blinis, perhaps with a little crème fraiche keeps the focus on caviar. Accompaniments like finely chopped onion, chives, and hard-boiled egg are commonly seen, but each detracts from the flavor of fine caviar. Avoid using metal spoons, which alter the taste of the caviar; mother of pearl spoons are highly recommended.

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