Quality Commitments

Sterling Caviar's strongest product quality commitment comes from the complete traceability of our products, following the strictest procedures on our fish farming techniques and caviar processing protocols. We select the best of our caviars from fish we have raised to take to our clients from the farm to your table with the absolute confidence that it will be a memorable experience.

Caviar Quality and Grading

The caviar from each fish is graded individually. Prior to the tinning, a sample is tasted to complete the grading process. The caviar is graded by the size and firmness of the egg and by taste. By taste, we are ensuring that there are no off flavors to the eggs. Salting and aging is necessary to reach its optimum quality. If all three of these characteristics—proper size, firmness, and taste—are met and if the eggs are very light in color, they are called Imperial. If they are darker in color, they are called Royal. If there is something less than optimum about the caviar, such as improper size or firmness, it is called Classic. For either one of the grade categories, the product is guaranteed to be of superior quality and can be served any place for any occasion.

The tins are then stored at 24-27 degrees F (-4 to -2 degrees C) to develop the flavor. It takes at least three months for the flavor to develop. At processing, if you taste caviar, it has a yolky and salty taste to it. Once mature, the flavors mellow into a rich, robust flavor. It is similar to drinking grape juice and comparing it to wine, a transformation takes place in that three-month period when the caviar is held at these low temperatures. The caviar does not freeze as the salt and fat content of the caviar keep it from freezing.

Air and temperature are the spoilers of caviar. As soon as a caviar tin is opened and repacked, it will have limited shelf life. Your home refrigerator does not have the proper temperature to hold the caviar for long, and once you open a tin or jar that you have purchased, it should all be eaten within the hour. Putting the remainder back into the refrigerator at the incorrect temperature and with air trapped in the tin or jar, will cause the caviar to spoil in a short amount of time.

Sterling Caviar does not use Borax or any other preservatives. You get only the pure taste of eggs and salt without the taste of any preservatives. Other countries allow Borax to be used as a preservative for caviar processing, and the US Food and Drug Administration will allow caviar preserved with Borax into the US.

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