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Caviar making is an art, filled with tradition and practices handed down through generations of experience. It is entirely crafted by hand, with a subtle touch that preserves egg firmness, texture, and integrity. It is also quality-assured throughout the process by strict compliance with Federal and State food safety laws and a closely-monitored HACCP program. Once the eggs have been cleaned & salted, they are packed in various sized tins in combinations that match the total weight of an individual fish’s caviar yield. (Caviar from separate fish is not co-mingled, and each tin is labeled with the code for that fish and date of its harvest.) Only very fine salt is used to preserve and coax flavor from the caviar; Sterling Caviar uses no Borax—unlike most European counterparts—and relies only on salt, carefully monitored hygiene and temperature control (including storage and transport), and the reliable, traditional caviar tin to deliver this preeminent delicacy.

While the processing of caviar is relatively straightforward and is similarly processed around the world, various proprietary methods within the processing plant aid in the production of high-quality caviar. Sterling Caviar is highly regulated and conforms to all laws and regulations for caviar trade in the US and Internationally.

The basic design of caviar tins has not changed in decades, and provides the optimal environment for keeping and curing the product without spoilage. Exposure to air is devastating to caviar quality, so tins are intentionally packed with a high mound of eggs that are then squeezed down with the lid, forcing the escape of air while retaining the eggs in a tight oil pack. A thick rubber band holds the lid and maintains its vacuum until it’s time to enjoy. Newly opened tins of caviar have an inviting, characteristic shape known to customers who relish that first bite, reflective of this superior packing method.

The tins have a very thin, (FDA-approved) food-grade coating that eliminates metallic contact with the caviar without imparting any influence of its own. (Glass jars are used only for the smallest sized portions.)

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